We welcome all Directors and Coaches throughout our region to participate where its all about you!  This group is for AYC Cheer Directors and Coaches and will be used to promote education and communication and improve safety. Here you will find tips, legality discussions, best practices and support for our cheer volunteers!  Click logo above to right to our Facebook page.

Atlantic Region Cheer/Dance Chairman:
Kelly Frazier


Assistant Region Cheer/Dance Chairman:
Dawn Mitchell

DelMarva AYF - Jen McMaster - jen@shore-hawks.com

Metro AYF - Christina Kennedy - cheerleading@metroayf.com

SMC - Tashieka Wester - cheercommissioner@smcayf.com


N. Carolina:
East Carolina AYF - Karolyn Leavelle - karolynleavelle@hotmail.com

& Karen Moore - babysue_1983@yahoo.com

Greater Charlotte - Rita Cube - mymoecube@yahoo.com & Nicole Riley - jmjmriley04@hotmail.com
PYFCL - Alana McCarter - alanamccarter@gcacc.org

South Carolina:

Central Va AYF (VAYFL) - Nikki Londy - ndlondy@hotmail.com

Hampton Roads - Ralph Moore - ralphmoore2014@gmail.com

NOVA AYF - Kelly Frazier - atlanticaycregion@aol.com
VAYFA - Ceresh Perry - perrysmiley@aol.com